• To live the “Great Commandment” and “Great Commission” and entrusting it to others.
  • To Pursue God’s Presence and our Position in Christ.
  • To establish fellowships that will provide people with a place that they can call “home”. A place where effective ministry is facilitated and God’s purpose and destiny for people’s lives, society, the world and the Body of Christ will be realized. A fellowship where Generals in the Kingdom of God are “created”.
  • To serve as a covering, enabling Christians to live out their God-given purpose and ministry in their own communities.
  • To equip and support Generals by providing them with resources that will enable them to do effective work in the ministry as well as in their everyday life and through fellowship and training develop their God-given gifts.
  • To use the Word of God as the only guideline for efficient living and ministry.
  • To teach accountability towards fellow Christians so that Unity in the body of Christ can be achieved.
  • To take our rightful place in this world living out the fullness of our God-given authority in every area of our lives.