Dear Friends

   Welcome to Awaken Ministries Int’l. I pray that the Lord will give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of His perfect will for your life and the power of Christ inside you through Holy Spirit!
Awaken Ministries Int’l was born out of a Vision the Lord gave me eight years ago!

   In a vision the Lord showed me: A great revival wave sweeping through the world; and that only those whose spiritual ears are tuned and open to the leading and move of Holy Spirit will be in a position to ride this wave of His Holy Spirit power, Kingdom and His Glory.

   From that moment on, I had a desire to be part of a ministry that leads people to a victorious life through the power of Holy Spirit, enabling them to live out their God given callings and gifts through the manifestation of Holy Spirit! Not looking at their limited abilities but pursuing a life where the sky is the limit through the power of the Holy Spirit; truly experiencing the unlimited love, grace and authority of Christ Jesus in them.

   I believe God called me and Awaken to not only raise an army of believers that follow Christ, but also forerunners that will lead God’s highly effective and anointed army into active discipleship and a victorious everyday life. These forerunners will be called God’s Generals.
   We are also called to lead Children of God into a position where they will be able to ride the great revival wave through the power of the Holy Spirit; to bring in the harvest of souls; and to be effective and anointed leaders in their influence sphere. I have an intense desire to see people manifest the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

      If anyone claims to be intimate with the Father they ought to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Christ lived a life of Love, Humility and SERVANTHOOD. My quest is to live a Christ like life and lead others to do the same.

   Christ was a Servant General and our desire is to follow in His footsteps.

   To live in Christ’s Kingdom Glory and Raise His people to become Generals in His Kingdom is my greatest desire. I pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint you to do the same.

   As children of God we have the answer! Now is the time to live it!


Pastor Shene Louw