Africa Outreach

  Awaken Ministries International in cooperation with Share Your Knowledge is planning an outreach trip from
22 June 2014 – 8 July 2014 to Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.
  The outreach will start with Bible distribution in Mozambique, after which we will travel to the Dzaleka Refugee camp in Malawi. Here we will distribute Bibles & provide teaching programs, courses and material to the local Bible School.  Awaken will present a course “Christ’s Authority in us leads to Generosity”. Our goal is to equip the local Christian leaders to start community projects in the Refugee camp.

  Share Your Knowledge will train five volunteers in the basic principles of starting a crèche and provide them with the necessary materials and training tools.  They will also focus on Child evangelism.
  Throughout the outreach Awaken Ministries International & Share Your Knowledge will continually screen the Jesus Film & minister to the people.
  Unfortunately each member of the team must contribute financially. As such we will appreciate any contribution you can make in supporting us.

We need the following donations:

  • Funds for Diesel
  • Funds for Bibles
  • Travel expenses  
  • For the Refugee Camp:
    • Blankets  
    • Non-perishable food
    • Stationeries and Pens for Bible school
    • Funds for training Material
    • Crèche Materials
    • Toys

We can only achieve our goals with the assistance of generous donations. You support and donations will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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For more information, please contact Pastor Shene Louw 071 561 7459 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website projects:

   As we are living in the age of technology! Having a website to put information on and promote your organization is very important! We have a project along with Accrue Websites where we sponsor websites to children homes and Christ based organizations that can not afford a website, but need it! We are led by the Holy Spirit in choosing an organization .

Aiding  Ministries

  • Financially Aiding ministries and people in need: enabling them to reach their goals financially, no ministry can function without financial resources. (Potatoes doesn’t pay the electricity bill)
  • Providing spiritual resources that will enable them to train and equip other people or to be equipped themselves
  • Assist ministries and people through training programs and courses
  • Giving students an opportunity through sponsorship to be trained as pastors and leaders at Awaken Training Institutes’ distance learning courses. ( Implementing Team Impact Christian University Curriculum)

   The Body of Christ consists of many members, each with their own role to play in the Kingdom of God. Each role is unique and important – not everyone can be the foot or the eye, but they are all necessary for the Body to be successful.
   We at Awaken strive to create a platform of servant hood (following in Christ’s footsteps) by imparting into other’s ministries, whether it is financially or by giving people the opportunity to be trained and equipped for life through our Training and Equipping courses!