We were created to fill the earth and SUBDUE it; have dominion... over all the earth and every living thing 1. What happened? Where did our dominion go? Why do we not have authority over all anymore? God created in us the ability to be powerful, why is it not being manifested?

   The answer: Sin. Adam & Eve sinned and were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. They lost their authority to rule. The Devil then had the authority over all the kingdoms of the world to he could do with it just what he wanted to 2. But we serve a Gracious God that loves us very much. He gave that authority (rule/reign) to His Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ 3, who in turn – through His Sacrifice – gave it back to us 4.

What is the Kingdom of God?

   Jesus’ death & resurrection not only gifted us with salvation, but it also gave us the AUTHORITY to make changes – to have dominion over circumstances – to shape this world. This AUTHORITY belongs to us until the time that Jesus returns and gives the AUTORITY back to God 5.


   We can choose to live in two different realms. The first one: The Natural – the world. Or the second realm: The Spiritual – the Kingdom of God. The Second one not only surpasses the First in power, but it also shapes the natural. Whatever happens in the spiritual flows into the natural. We have the ability to draw the Spiritual into the natural.

   Why do you think God constantly gives us directions & guidelines to fight battles in the spirit and not the physical? Why does the Word of God constantly talk about living in the Spirit and not the flesh? It is because the SPIRITUAL REALM is where we are supposed to live – it is where everything happens – it is where we win battles – bring down strongholds of the enemy – where we proclaim the release of our blessings & provisions.

   Through Jesus we have the opportunity to live in the Kingdom of God. Through Jesus we are princes & princesses in a Kingdom where only the King’s authority surpasses ours. We can proclaim & declare and it will be as we proclaimed or declared. The Kingdom of God is POWER 6 – the power to have dominion and to be effective as a child of God.

How do we enter the Kingdom of God?

   When you accept Jesus as your personal Saviour, you will be able to see the Kingdom of God, but you will not be able to enter into it. The Kingdom of God is a spiritual realm and as such you can only enter it through the Spirit. For this you need to be Baptized in both the Spirit & in water (The Spirit to release Him within you; and the water to release His power in your life)7.

How important is the Kingdom of God?

   It is one of the most important aspects of Christianity that’s been made of lesser importance – it’s been misunderstood / ignored / forgotten. But no more – the Lord is revealing His Kingdom on earth to everyone that is open to hear.

   Let’s take a walk through the New Testament and see how many times you missed the words “Kingdom of God” mentioned as a first priority – as an important factor

  1. John the Baptist proclaimed that the KINGDOM OF GOD is at hand 8– not eternity or prosperity or anything else.
  2. Jesus’ first preaching started with the KINGDOM OF GOD at hand 9
  3. When Jesus went out to minister, He taught and proclaimed the gospel (good news) of the KINGDOM 10
  4. Jesus sent out His disciples telling them to proclaim firstly the KINGDOM OF GOD 11 and then to heal; cast out etc.
  5. Jesus stated that the end will come only after the gospel of the KINGDOM is proclaimed throughout the world as a testimony to all the nations 12.
  6. After Jesus’ resurrection, He returned and spent 40 days with His disciples teaching them of things pertaining to the KINGDOM OF GOD 13.
  7. The Lord’s Prayer first REQUEST is Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done on EARTH as it is in Heaven 14.
  8. Most parables mentioned in the Word pertain to the KINGDOM OF GOD – example: The Sower. (Do yourself a favour and find all the parables that relate to the Kingdom of God.)
  9. Paul also spoke boldly, reasoning & persuading people about the KINGDOM OF GOD 15.
  10. Phillip taught about the KINGDOM OF GOD 16.
  11. The more time you spent meditating on the NT, the more you will see the KINGDOM mentioned & the fact that almost everything relates to living in the Kingdom of God on this earth.

   The Lord also makes a promise in His Word that if you seek FIRSLTY HIS KINGDOM & His Righteousness (which you receive the moment you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour), then all else He will add to your life 17.

   Your anxiety determines your grasp of the Kingdom of God 18.

   Take the time to put on Kingdom glasses and see the world from your place in the Kingdom – a place of authority & rule – mightier than any earthly rule or government or circumstances.


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