J. Fourie – 31/10/10


Throughout the night of 31 October 2010 I heard the Lord speak to me, constantly repeating the same words & sentences:

• “Walls”
• “Walls of Jerusalem”
• “Nehemiah”
• “Rebuilding the walls”

   After about 3 hours of hearing it constantly, I finally received the vision.

   Standing on a green hill looking down onto a valley I saw what must at one time have been a great city & wall. It has been reduced to rubble and rocks. As I stood looking down onto the rubble I heard a call go out to all nations, calling people to this place. Many heard the call of the Spirit and responded to it, returning to the site. They came in groups, each starting to rebuild the part of the great wall they were gifted with.

   I saw numerous unsuccessful attacks from the enemy on the people, for protection was constantly there. The wall was quickly repaired and restored to its former glory.

   Finally, there stood an impressive wall, but empty within. Another call went out, calling God’s people to come and live in the new city. Numerous answered the call and returned, entered the gates and started building their houses within the walls.

   The last words I heard were:

• “Rebuild the walls of Jerusalem”
• “I’m going to call my people back to a place of unity & safety”
• “There will be only one Body”
• “Many ministries, but one Wall / City / Body”

And finally, the last words: “Go read Nehemiah”.

Revelation & Word:

Having spent time in the Word, in prayer & meditation on the Word, the Spirit revealed the following:

We are moving into the final times. There will be three (3) stages of the Body of Christ before the coming of the Messiah...

• Stage 1: The period of rebuilding the WALL of Christ’s Church, the Body.
• Stage 2: The period of all God’s people returning to the city (Church; Body), building their houses (Ministries; Fellowships) within the security of the WALL (A City of UNITY)
• Stage 3: The End-time (as mentioned in Matt 24; Ezekiel; Daniel etc) & the coming if the Messiah

FIRST STAGE: Rebuilding the WALL

(Nehemiah Chapters 1-2 – Before the actual building)

   Jesus interceded for His Body – to be ONE; to be in UNITY; to be STRENGHTENED; to return to its former GLORY.  He interceded for the rebuilding of the WALL of His City (Body).

   The time finally came: Father heard His prayer & gave Him the authority to rebuild the walls. Jesus sent out His Spirit to call the workers together to rebuild the walls. Those that are called are called to live and move in the supernatural – they are called to live & move in the Spirit.

(Nehemiah Chapters 3-6 – Rebuilding the WALL)

   Looking at history – all cities were only as strong as its wall. It symbolizes its power, strength & protection from the outside world. Most of the time the walls were built before the cities itself – it provided protection for every person within the wall, giving them the opportunity to built their houses without having to constantly look over their shoulders.
   Also, the wall symbolized a place of dwelling – a place where one can belong to.

   As mentioned above Jesus wants His Body to be one again – not many different ministries & churches, each with their own set of rules & way of life; each one only looking after their own; judging others; attacking & breaking down any ministry that does not form part of their world; even attacking their own people within their ministry/church if they are not exactly in line with what they see as the way.

   Jesus wants His Body to be whole again with all the parts (hands; feet; etc) of the Body coming together, standing in Unity and being ONE. An unbreakable Body that is strengthened by the Spirit; A Body that moves in Power & Authority; A Body that cannot be shaken; A Body making a change in the world we live in...

Before this Body can come together, the WALL needs to be established & setup.

   Symbolizes Jesus Himself – He is the one that will protect; He is the only way into the city; He is a beacon of hope to weary travellers; His grace of acceptance is everlasting & bountiful; No evil can in any way get past Him. Before anyone can be part of the One Body they need to acknowledge that Jesus is the head (wall) of His Body (city) and no one else.

   Anyone open in the Spirit. Those that are prepared to take the chance of working in the wilderness (remember: wall is not yet erected so there is no protection from attacks except your own weapons & soldiers hired to protect you).

   The workers are also those that flow in the supernatural – that move in the spirit. Those that stay close to the feet of Jesus & have their ears tuned to the voice of the Spirit. Those that are forerunners – taking a chance on the uncertain, only following the voice of the One that called them with no physical evidence, just the prompting & leading of the Spirit.

   All groups (ministries) will each have their own part of the wall to build – building next to other groups (ministries). Ministries will take hands; where one is lacking, the other will be able to provide; they will encourage each other; look out for their neighbours (ministries); supply were anything is needed; fight together; rejoicing with each other; etc.

   ALL MINISTRIES WORKING TOWARDS ONE GOAL: To establish Jesus & ultimately His ONE BODY!

   Your Calling - Whether it is to minister; to heal; to pray; to intercede; to serve; etc. Use the talents; gifts; abilities; anointings you received.
   The Spirit will warn you of any attack – be sensitive to His voice; put on the full Armour of God – it will keep you save; Have an intercessor group covering you in the spirit.
   Keep in mind, nothing that you cannot handle will come on your path. Should an enemy attack, it will be one that God the Father know you can win. All those that you will not be able to protect yourself against, He will destroy before it comes near you.

SECOND STAGE: Rebuilding the City of Jerusalem

(Nehemiah Chapters 7 -13)

   As soon as the WALL is established – a call will go out, calling all God’s people to return to rebuild their houses within the new WALL – within the new CITY (Body).

I encourage you, go and read Nehemiah. Be open to the leading of the Spirit & the revelations He will show you.

God Bless.